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Harmonize Your Workplace, Ignite Success, Embrace Wellness

Entrepreneurship is a challenging path and the daily pressures of entrepreneurship. However, anxiety and depression can cast shadows on your path to success. My 5 week Anxiety and stress management programme bridges the gap between your mental well-being and your business triumphs. 

The Anxiety & Depression Programme, rooted in the power of hypnotherapy, is designed to empower you with the tools to conquer these challenges and drive your business to new heights. Encounter stress, procrastination, limiting beliefs and self-doubts and take a journey of healing, guiding you toward a future where mental well-being is the driving force behind your business success.

Week 1 

- Welcome

- Check-in 

-Explaining symptoms of anxiety

-Explaining CBT NLP and Hypnosis 

-Tools: Well-formed outcome, challenge hierarchy 

-Setting personal homework for the following week

-Guided Imaginary


Week 2 


-Explaining the causes of Panic Attach

-Explaining the Panic Loop and how to break it

-Tools: NLP - The Spinning CBT - The ABC form

-Looking at Dysfunctional thiunking

-Set Personal Work

-Hypnosis for relaxation


Week 3


-Recapping about negative thinking and set helpful thinking habits

-Tools: CBT = ABC form, NLP = Anchoring Technique, NLP=Reframing

-Breath work

-Set personal work

- Guided Imaginary: Hot air baloon


Week 4


-Educate on how to manage worries and GAD (general anxiety disorder

-Tools:  CBR =The Worry Box ,  The Worry Tree NLP= Anchoring 

-Set personal work


Week 5


-How to manage fear

-Tool: NLP = Stein's Clenched fist

-Educate on how to improve self-esteem

-Hypnosis: The control Room

-Developing an attitude of gratitude.

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