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Self-Esteem and Confidence
Empower Your Team, Supercharge Your Business

As a business owner, you recognize that self-esteem and confidence are the cornerstones of success. Self-doubt can cast shadows on your entrepreneurial journey. Through my Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) I rekindle your team's self-esteem and confidence, driving your business to new heights. My 5 week Self-Esteem and Confidence Hypnosis & NLP Programme is tailored to your specific needs and the needs of your team. Whether you're seeking to boost your own self-esteem or empower your employees, our experienced practitioners will guide you toward your desired outcome.

Why Hypnosis & NLP for Small Business Owners? 

Personalized Hypnotherapy Sessions: Our hypnotherapists take the time to understand your unique challenges and aspirations, creating personalized sessions to address your specific needs and goals.

Uncovering Root Causes: We explore any underlying issues that may contribute to your low self-esteem and work on resolving them from the core.

Positive Affirmations and Reinforcement: Through hypnosis, we in still empowering and uplifting affirmations, helping you build a positive self-image and self-belief.

Inner Strength and Resilience: Hypnosis can foster inner strength and resilience, equipping you to face life's challenges with confidence.

Building Self-Acceptance: Learn to embrace your true self, free from self-criticism and judgment, and develop unconditional self-acceptance.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: We help you break free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Boosted Self-Image: Hypnosis & NLP work in tandem to reprogram limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, replacing them with a positive self-image. This newfound self-assuredness empowers you to face challenges with confidence, both personally and professionally.

Effective Communication: Confidence is the foundation of effective communication. Hypnosis & NLP enhance your ability to express yourself clearly and assertively, improving your interactions with colleagues, clients, and team members.

Heightened Leadership Skills: Confidence is a cornerstone of effective leadership. These therapies equip you with the self-esteem and confidence needed to lead with conviction, inspiring your team and fostering a positive work culture.

Better Decision-Making: Self-assured individuals tend to make better decisions. Hypnosis & NLP sharpen your decision-making abilities, ensuring that you approach challenges with a clear mind and unwavering confidence.

Enhanced Problem-Solving: Confidence is closely linked to problem-solving. These therapies boost your problem-solving skills by eliminating self-doubt, enabling you to tackle complex issues with creativity and resilience.

Positive Work Environment: When you invest in your self-esteem and confidence, you create a ripple effect. Your improved self-image inspires confidence in your employees, leading to a more positive and collaborative work environment.


Take the first step toward enhancing self-esteem and confidence for yourself and your employees by enrolling in our Self-Esteem and Confidence Hypnosis & NLP Program today. If you would like further information about hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression or would like to register your interest please contact Roberta by either filling in the contact form or calling 07860679334. Alternatively please click the link to Book Your Consultation.


Each 90 min session of the Self-Esteem and Confidence Program Includes


  • Psychotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • CBT

  • Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Exercise Advice & Nutrition Guidance

  • Personalised Audio Recordings (Home Hypnotherapy Sessions upon request)

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