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Build Self Confidence

Title (the problem)

If you, like me, have suffered with self confidence/worth most of your life, and perhaps have been on a quest to discover the way you feel about yourself and the way you perceive the world, then maybe just like me, have invested time and money into a long list of self-help techniques.

This may have even got you to a point where you logically understand what's holding you back, yet you're still stuck in the same patterns and see old issues returning. You may have like me even felt resigned to the fact that you were born that way, as if it was the DNA's fault!

Title (the cause and the solution)

What if I told you that the problem is not in your make up or in your conscious (rational) mind but in the hidden recesses of your unconscious mind (subconscious). This is where all our programming and conditioning is stored. Our mind is just like a computer.

This analogy may resonate: imagine your conscious mind as an elephant rider, and your unconscious mind the elephant.

The rider wants to cross the river, but the elephant perceives unseen danger and wont cross the river! 

The point of the story is that we think we are in control of our decisions and actions, but as we may hold beliefs that are not congruent with what we logically want to do.

And these beliefs might have been there since we were very young and they have not been updated.

Would you want to have a new PC running with a hold software?? No!!

But this is what most of us do when it comes to our lives.

In my journey I tried many things, with various degree of success, but eventually I found that using NLP and Hypnosis in particular, it was a powerful way to re-write the program and to feel in the driving seat of my emotional states.

I can say with confidence that if you are committed to change I can help you to get the results. Simple as that.

Build Self-Confidence  

Anxiety is a general feeling of unease such as fear or worry that can vary in severity from mild to severe. Everyone experiences some level of anxiety during their life in stressful situations such as sitting an exam or having a job interview. However, if you are finding yourself increasingly anxious and it is affecting your life then you should seek treatment.

Depression is a low mood or feelings of sadness or low self-esteem. Most people feel sad at certain times in their life as it is a normal reaction to loss or life’s challenges. However, if your mood is persistently low and you are experiencing a lack of interest in life you should seek treatment.

One treatment option for anxiety and depression is hypnotherapy. Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression and can also be used to help in coping with the symptoms of panic disorder. During a hypnosis session, you undergo a process that helps you relax and focus your mind. This state is similar to sleep, but your mind will be very focused and guided to bring attention to coping with specific symptoms and overcoming limiting behaviours.

Carrie Swain is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Hull with many years of experience treating men, women, and children, suffering from anxiety and/or depression using the latest hypnotherapy techniques. All sessions are personal to you and focused on getting the best results for your individual needs.


If you would like further information about hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression or would like to register your interest please don’t hesitate to contact Roberta by either filling in the contact form on this page or calling 07860 679334. Alternatively please click the link to Book Your Consultation.


Free From Anxiety/Depression Program Includes

  • Psychotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Huge Discounts on Future Treatments

  • Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Exercise Advice Nutrition Guides

  • Personalised Audio Recordings (Home Hypnotherapy Sessions)

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